Saturday, September 8, 2012

Annual Amazon Family Picnic

We attended our first Amazon picnic yesterday.  Great fun was had by all, as we were treated to beautiful weather and a lovely setting in the valley between the new and old Amazon buildings.  And...drum roll please...we met our very first fellow-fully-American-family that will be enrolling their kids in the Luxembourgish schools!  They are even from Oregon!  We are officially not alone!

Daphne went straight for the face painting
and art (button-making)
Both kids waited patiently for their first silly balloon creation since landing in Lux.  Big milestone, for sure.  Glad we got it over with, and for free.
sad balloon clown
happy balloon boy
We have discovered that at almost every festival or fair or outdoor event in Luxembourg, a set of quirky wooden games are laid out for the kids (and kids-at-heart).  Looks like Amazon has followed suit.  Here are a few examples:

mini mini golf
old-timey pinball
pretend you're a cat burgler thingy
bring the ball to the top without dropping it through the holes
giant Connect Four
giant Connect Four suddenly got intensely competitive
That's Pete's boss.  I don't know who won and I don't want to.  All I know is that several rounds were played and neither of them smiled much.


Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys! This looks like a merveilleux event!

Brandi said...

I knew as soon as I saw the first picture of the giant connect four, Pete would find someone to challenge!
Looks really fun wish we were there!