Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Blues

Yes, it's been awhile, but this time I have a pretty decent excuse. At the beginning of March, Pete finished his MBA and took a new job as a management/process improvement consultant. It's a wonderful job for him, but it's been a bit of an adjustment for the family. Namely, he travels every week. Early Monday morning he gets on a plane, and we don't see him again until late Thursday night. Every week. Yeah, every week.

So, before I go any further, fair warning: please excuse me if I get a bit sappy. It's late and I miss Pete. Did I mention he's gone every week?

Anyhow, the same day Pete began his new job, I began Project Simplify, a 5-week decluttering and spring cleaning project. First, I tackled the master closet, followed by paper clutter, then kids toys/clothes, then the pantry and fridge. It's given me a nice sense of purpose and accomplishment as I'm adjusting to the new routine of life. This week is our last assignment, and it's "free choice." I decided to tackle a few small but bothersome spots...a basket here, a box there.

Tonight I uncovered this:
This is a binder of Pete's from our undergrad days. Did you know I fell in love with Pete in Organic Chemistry class eleven years ago?

Expecting to open the binder and find a bunch of old O-Chem notes, I found this inside instead..

Music. A whole bunch of music, arranged and/or composed and scratched out in pencil by college-Pete for his jazz combo. This was one I actually sang at his senior recital. (He was an honorary music major of sorts.)

Again, you'll have to forgive me for bragging, but most of you who are reading this are probably family anyway so you won't mind. I just thought this little binder was the perfect symbol of Pete. He's a brilliant technical/science/business guy on the outside, but on the inside he's a brilliant musician. (Well, he's a musician on the outside and a technical business guy on the inside too, but I think you get the point). I'm so glad he's been able to outwardly express his musician side a lot more in just the last few months. Ah, brings back memories...

Plus there's all the other amazing stuff that he is. But I'll restrain myself now. You're welcome.

Oh, and speaking of O-Chem...


Anonymous said...

It's not just family who reads this! I'm sure you have several devoted followers (like me) who remember the "O Chem" blues...

-Rachel Anne

Debbie said...

Rosie - what a fun find! Nostalgic... You've inspired me to do some decluttering.....(is that an actual word?) Sorted Lily's mountain of books today and tomorrow it is on to her clothes (I've been putting that off for a couple of months! - measured her height on her chart today and she grew 2 inches in the past 6 months... must be why her pants are all high-waters!) : )

Amanda said...

You two make my heart very happy. Don't apologize for being sappy, I love how in love you two are and always have been :)