Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Snow Blog: Check

So we hit the slopes T-family style this weekend. This involves:

  1. James weeping for 30 minutes because he doesn't like snow (nor wind, nor cold, nor wet, nor sunlight, nor hot. Nor sand. Nor socks...)
  2. Rosie stressing out about James' weeping and thus doing a lot of yelling, mostly at Pete.
  3. James recovering from utter despair and suddenly having the best time of his life.
  4. Pete patiently enduring and pulling sleds + children up hills repeatedly while Rosie pitches in by taking an excessive amount of pictures.
  5. Daphne going about her business having fun, either purposely ignoring or blissfully oblivious to the rest of the T-family spectacle (we'll have to ask her if it's ignoring or oblivious when she gets older).
  6. Blog post.

Thanks to our friends for getting us out in the snow. Without you we probably wouldn't have done it. There's just something about the cold....and wet....and wind...and snow. Ahem.


connie88s said...

I have to agree with you - it's hard to get out there! So glad you had such a fun time!!

Frances said...

"Good on you!"