Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Portugal Trip: Food!

I think this is the final post from our Portugal trip. Hooray!

I don't often give restaurant recommendations on this blog, but since we did the best we could to sample as many classic Portuguese dishes as possible on this trip, I figure I might as well let you know where we went. We used a combination of advice from Pete's colleague who grew up there, our Airbnb host, and Tripadvisor. Also it should be noted that we are budget diners!  I would recommend any of the places we tried.

The first night we went to the "second best" vegetarian restaurant in Porto, according to our Airbnb host - Essência.

It was really yummy, great atmosphere and reasonably priced; we would have gone back had we had time.

Of course seafood is the primary fare, and our first taste was at Restaurante Casarão just down the road from our flat.  We had a giant bowl of seafood rice with lots of whole sea creatures.

And we went back later in the week for the iconic Portuguese food - bacalhau - dried salted cod.

surprisingly tasty!
We also couldn't leave Portugal without trying the slightly terrifying Frencesinha sandwich, which originated in Porto.

multiple meats, bread, cheese, egg, beer sauce
For this heart-attack special, we went to Café Santiago.

And we also visited a little pizza place on the beach south of our flat that was recommended by our host, Ciao Bella.

a great spot and yummy pizza - the bread they bring for an appetizer is also amazing
And speaking of bread, we tried the Portuguese version of a croissant - buttery, soft, sweet, sticky and delicious.

So that's it for Portugal!

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