Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The T Family Band Plays the Christmas Market

I will eventually get back to the Portugal posts, but I need to tell you about a special milestone for the Ts.  Our developing family band had our first ever paid gig last month - at the Luxembourg Christmas Market!

Last year, when we saw a small brass band play at the market by the Golden Lady, Pete and I looked at each other and said, "Hey, we could do that!"  Little did we know at time that "we" would mean our kids as well!

A little plaque with the schedule of bands for the day was posted by the stage on Luxembourg City Tourist Office letterhead.  So in October this year I contacted the office and asked them what the procedure was to apply.

It turns out there weren't really any qualifications. They didn't ask for a sample recording or credentials.  We just described our band and they gave us a time slot the first weekend of the market. We signed a contract and we were set! 

Who said everything in a foreign country is more difficult?!?

(Um, that may have been me)

loading up the gear in our elevator
They gave us a two-hour time slot and told us we'd get a 10 minute break.  In our email exchange they asked for our "financials." Embarrassingly, I had to ask if that meant we were paying to do this or they were paying us (hey, I have no clue how this works!).  They came back and said they could offer us 300 Euros.  

Uh, sure!  Now that's just too easy, Luxembourg.

So over the next month we worked up an hour-long set of our favorite Christmas music with Dad on keys, guitar, and vocals, Mom on ukulele, auxiliary percussion, and vocals, Daughter on bass guitar and vocals, and Son on vocals.  The market provided microphones and other sound equipment and we provided the instruments.

We played through the set once and then took a break and played it again.  I had thought by playing in November we might get the warmer end of the market, but we ended up with freezing temperatures and even a little snow.  The kids dressed in full-on snow gear and we all wore several layers of socks.  But you can't play pianos and guitars wearing mittens.  Honestly, I don't know how Pete played 2 hours of music.  He said he really couldn't feel his fingers.

Holding a cup of glühwein/hot chocolate halfway through was an absolute finger-saver.
some kind friends braved the cold to come watch
break time
So, it was freezing cold, but I think it was worth it for the experience and memories.  In fact, we decided to play our set one more time this Sunday - but indoors, at church (85 Avenue Pasteur), from 2-3pm.  Come out and see us and stay cozy warm!

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Auntie Grace said...

Sorry that I haven't checked this for a while, but what a wonderful adventure you are all having! Love the many pictures. Rosie, your grandpa would be very proud of you. Thanks for sharing. Love you all loads.