Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Brothers in Belgium

Pete's younger brother, Jon, is touring in Kina Grannis' band.  He invited Pete to come play trombone on a couple of songs when they played a show in Antwerp on Tuesday night.

It's about 2.5 hours away
So Pete took a half-day from work, my mom watched the kids, and we drove up to Antwerp for the evening.  We found the venue and the band, and then took a brief walk around the immediate area before the sun set.
some sort of botanical garden across from venue

Antwerp feels very Dutch.  Confession: we kind of thought it was actually Dutch before this.  But it's Belgian.
sun's almost gone
Jon is sort of the musical director for this tour and put much of the band and crew together (hence his authority to work in his brother from Luxembourg on trombone for one night - which would otherwise be kinda weird, I'd say.)
going over his part
dinner with the band
a little city-walking in the dark
National Bank Van Belgie
Show time!
Jon on keys/bass/Macbook-geeky-music-running-stuff-I-don't-understand
Pete and Jon were trying to remember the times they played shows together over the years. The answer was almost none; they are four years apart, so were never in really in the same school or band.

Except, ya know, in Antwerp.

To be filed under "life is weird" for sure!

Here's a clip (you may need to click through to the blog if you're reading this in email).


Anonymous said...

Way cool.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask "Whose the bald guy with the trombone?"

Anonymous said...

I meant "Who's"

Pete and Rosie said...

As customary at shows, she introduced the band. So that probably cleared it up.