Friday, July 25, 2014

We're Calling it Farm Park (but so is everyone else)

Last spring I wrote about the new castle-themed park near our neighborhood.  It turns out Luxembourg City is in the process of creating/upgrading at least 10 playgrounds in this wooden/whimsical-themed style over the next few years.

This country doesn't have one of the highest GDPs in the world for nothing, I suppose.

We were among the first to know about and visit Castle Park, judging by the flood of "WHERE IS THIS???" questions prompted by my post.  This time we're a bit later to the party; there's been some serious mommy-buzz about the new Farm Park for months and it finally opened a couple of weeks ago.   James and I decided to check it out yesterday while Daphne was otherwise occupied.

But just in case someone in Luxembourg hasn't been (which I doubt, because I think we were all there yesterday afternoon) I can show you exactly where it is.  The secret's already out this time!

It's in the Gasperich neighborhood
better to to come at it from one of the streets to the south, not sure if you can walk up from Rue de la Déportation
This park has plenty of shade, and the structures are spread over more space than at Castle Park.  

official entrance - and the name on the sign is "English Garden"
It's sad to admit that it won't be long before our kids are too old for these parks!  Daphne actually complains about bumping her head a lot in the main structure at Castle Park, and this one is of similar size.  But I think we can still squeeze a couple more years out of them.  James quite enjoyed the little obstacle course.

notice he's climbing between giant stalks of wheat
hooray for large motor skills
And, like Castle Park, all the lovely wooden details make for great atmosphere.

terrified *oink* (*quiek* in German) 
*no idea*
And you're never too old for swings.

The next theme-playgound is slated for 2015 in the Cents neighborhood.  We'll be enjoying Farm Park in the meantime.

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