Friday, June 13, 2014

June Visitors

Luxembourg on this side, Germany on the other
Well, the Ts are in for a treat this month!  Grammy and Grandpa are traveling in Europe with their church choir and have tacked on a couple visits to Luxembourg.  They are currently here for 3 nights, and leave tomorrow morning to meet up with their fellow singers in Paris.  Then next weekend we will meet them in Bruges, Belgium where they will be giving a concert to benefit Serve the City.  Lastly, they will come back to Luxembourg for a few days at the end of the month.  We're pretty happy about this nice sprinkling of visits.

(By the way, my in-laws are currently practicing a very complex rhythm on cow bell and claves as I type this.  No joke.  So, the concert is going to be awesome.)

Yesterday we did a bit of hiking in Little Switzerland while Pete was at work. The kids and I are still off school for mid-term/Pentecost break.

Luxembourg's most famous waterfall called Schiessentumpel

Then we drove a few minutes to the town of Echternach by the German border in search of ice cream.
found it, ate it
And we took a little walk around the city and near the river before heading home.

municipal park with abbey gardens
They're off tomorrow morning, but we'll see them in Belgium!

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