Sunday, July 14, 2013

End of 2012-2013 "Spectacle"

I'm beginning to face that fact I will not get around to posting a comprehensive one-year update (May 23rd was our Lux-i-versary).   But on a related note, we recently started "lapping ourselves" as we crossed the one-year mark.  Certain events and experiences were familiar this time, rather than brand new.  In other words, we know the drill.

If you've been following along for awhile, you'll remember our first end-of-school-year celebration and talent show.  You may also remember that, to our surprise, James studied the "Indianer" (Native Americans) in class this spring.  Well, this year the preschool/pre-k/kindergarten class performed a Indianer song and dance for the show.

lining up for the show
We've already covered the fact that the stereotypes portrayed are uncomfortable or even offensive to us folks from the USA.  But we've resolved to just smile, nod, accept, and move on.  What else can you do?  People here are just not hyper-sensitive to this stuff, and there's probably nary a Native American in sight to take offense anyway.

So, below is a clip of the dance.  It's hard to make out the words, but I believe there's some Luxembourgish or German mixed in with the "Indianer" parts.  James has his back to us at the beginning, in the orange headband and black pants, happily stomping away.

our "Indianer"
The first grade class also did a dance this time, unlike last year.  Actually, they performed two dances.  The first is about a dancing camel, we think.  If you don't want to watch the whole minute and a half video, the moves at 0:32 and 0:58 are still worth a look.

And here's the second song, about....sigh....cowboys and indians.  You've got some lasso moves, some riding moves, a making-a-feather-on-top-of-your-head-with-your-hand-like-a-shark-fin move, and even some stereotypical hooting.  

Smile, nod, accept.

We made a quick exit from the after-party again, around the time they put up a bouncy house and the whole school piled in at once.  I grabbed a photo of Daphne and her teacher on our way out.  She will have the same teacher for Cycle 2.2 in the fall.

If anyone would like to help us with translations of the songs (do we dare?), please leave a comment!  The kids were able to give us the gist, but I don't think they were paying a lot of attention to begin with.

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Anonymous said...


As a 1/4 Blackfoot Indian, I am somewhat honored to hear that our culture is celebrated around the world!

-Rachel Anne