Sunday, June 9, 2013

Opa Visits & Lux Marathon

Grandpa (or "Opa" in Luxembourgish and German) was here this past weekend between legs of a European business trip.  We only got him for one evening and one full day, but we made the most of it.  We threw him a mini-belated-birthday party on Friday night.
took him out for Indian food, our standard
ate cake, sang Happy Birthday in Luxembourgish
on Saturday we went to our local park for ice cream and to play
Saturday evening was the annual Night Marathon in Luxembourg city.  We missed it by a couple of weeks when we moved here last year.  I mentioned on Facebook that the marathon covers the majority of the city, owing to the fact that Luxville is so small*, and that the route just happens to pass by our apartment.  So we hung out on the front balcony until the runners started coming by.

As more runners came through, the kids went down to get in on the high-fiving action.  
James hasn't quite figured out what lefty high-fivers are supposed to do
figured it out eventually - but now his little classmate behind him has the same problem
We let the kids stay up until we saw a friend who was running the race come by around 9:30pm, and then sent them to bed (Daphne in tears!)

A short but memorable weekend.

*A marathon is 42 km.  The entire country of Luxembourg is 82 km x 57 km.

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