Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Post-Thanksgiving Post

a turkey that size would NEVER fit in a European oven.  BBQ it is.
Thanksgiving came and went with little fanfare.  Pete worked.  The kids had school, but it just so happened that they were ill and stayed home (and I am pretty sure some of the parents and teachers suspected we were playing hooky for our American holiday).   I could have placed an order for a turkey, cans of pumpkin, and other Thanksgiving fare through the American Women's Club a few weeks ago, but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble and expense.

We had vegetarian chili for dinner.

An approximate 2pm gathering and mealtime for our families in Oregon meant for a brief Skype with Pete's side of the family and an even briefer phone call with mine before we headed off to bed.

Many Americans learn quickly here that if you're going to "do Thanksgiving" with your family, you may as well opt for the Saturday after.  No work, no school, and plenty of time to cook and hang out.  Fortunately, our friends Peter and Marcia (from church and borrowed-their-concrete-drill-for-several-weeks-to-hang-pictures-and-light-fixtures fame) invited us to a traditional American feast.  As they are former military, they can do much of their grocery and household shopping year-round at a full-on American grocery store at a nearby military base in Germany.  We were joined at their house on Saturday afternoon by a couple of other Americans - but this is a Luxembourg after all, so of course there was a Brit and a German thrown in to round out the group.

we all loved Marcia's mix-and-match China set, we each got a different place setting...
and James got the best one, for sure.
We even got to do some singing of our thanks.  (Marcus plays professional basketball in the Luxembourgish basketball league.  Who knew?)
a rare photo of the two of us
As much as I am not a person tied too strongly to American traditions, or any traditions for that matter, I am grateful to Peter and Marcia for recognizing that this was our first Thanksgiving away from the U.S. and our extended families and reaching out to invite us.  I even made my "traditional" sweet potatoes.  If it had been left up to my lazy self, I probably would have just let it go.  Instead, we can treasure a special memory of our first Thanksgiving in Luxembourg.

Peter and Marcia, you've now saved us twice.  Many thanks!


Brandi said...

I think James may have drank to much...wine...he looks a bit flushed! lol

Brandi said...

I'm so glad you had someone to share the day with! miss you all! Gobble Gobble!

Pete and Rosie said...

Yes, his cheeks are have been looking quite pink lately. And for some reason they turn kinda fluorescent in the pictures I take with my phone. We miss you guys too!