Sunday, June 17, 2012

Right now...

the yogurt.
walking to the park, bank, post office, pharmacy, grocery store.
Google Translate.
that you can't buy a bad chocolate bar.
learning new Luxembourgish words from the kids.
hearing the names of the other school children as interpreted by our kids ("Timo Timo" "Weggie").
mail from the US.
listening to familiar, favorite music.
the extremely friendly and helpful English-speaking expat community.
a newly operational dishwasher.
blog comments. :)
picking up French bit-by-itty-bit.
meeting people from all over the world.
recognizing familiar faces and bumping into acquaintances around town.
a replacement of my beloved Dyson, European style.

all the vacuums here are this squat kind, I haven't really seen uprights
our family.
our friends.
Lake Grove Pres, Saturday night church, the band.
a garbage disposal.
a compost bin.
a large sink.
a double sink.
a clothes dryer.
putting things away in their designated place, a tidy house.
my own recycling bin at my residence.
our own furniture.
our pictures.
 our piano.
 our tools.

...Bemused and Amused by...
the curry flavored salsa and other "interesting" uses of curry.
our shower head that doesn't mount or hang on anything.
paperwork that we must complete immediately that we can't complete without other paperwork that won't arrive for months.
not-picked-up dog droppings on the sidewalks.
weeds as acceptable city landscaping.
cheese, cheese everywhere but scarcely any cheddar.
shallow bowls and tiny mugs.
not knowing whether people are speaking German or Luxembourgish.
constantly encountering instructions/signs/forms/mail in French and thinking, "well, hope that's not too important!"
hearing lots of Americans with southern accents.
how excited we get when someone speaks English or is from the US.
spending hours at the grocery store deciphering labels.
industrial sized containers of Nutella.

small country. big chocolate.

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