Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Happenings - The Series, I Guess

I knew I hadn't done a blog post in awhile. Although I didn't feel I had much to report, I still figured I was due to post something, lest I let "The Ts" wither and die. So I sat down to post. And I decided to call it "January Happenings." Huh. This struck me as strangely familiar. After a quick search of my past posts, I found this.

And thus, a tradition is born!

Let's see, what have we been up to. Weird random stuff mostly.

"Growing" crystal trees,
starting compost piles in the living room,
getting outside when it's not too cold or wet,

organizing (and reorganizing) bowling for 80 or so Presbyterians (again),

sewing summery bags,
and in a strange flurry of domesticity and green-ness, cutting up all the old Gerber burp/diaper cloths and sewing them into "unpaper" towels to try to go "paperless kitchen." Is that gross? Just weird? Anyway, looks like I should have saved some domestic energy to clean that window....
And that's just the photo documented happenings. You can imagine the thrill and and intrigue of the happenings that didn't get photographed.

And on an even more random note, does anyone else have (or had) a 3 year old that does stuff like this (for looonnnggg stretches of time)?

(I'd lost my voice for 4 days, which is why I was whispering. I'm back now.)


connie88s said...

In answer to your question, yes..

championvinyl said...

As my mother indicates, apparently I did nothing BUT stuff like that at age 3. I think Don's genetics are to blame.