Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pleasant Goat

Well, as most of you know, Pete has returned from China. This means you're back to me. Hello, my name is Rosie. Pete only blogs from China.

Actually, I do have one more China-themed post for you, fair readers, who I'm assuming have now multiplied into at least 10 or so, only to gradually tapper off as my husband's witty and insightful travel writing becomes a distant memory.

Pete brought home "surprises" for the kids as spoils from his haggling with Chinese merchants. One (well, 2, one for each kid) was a kite featuring a popular Chinese character named "Pleasant Goat," whom I can only assume is China's answer to Hello Kitty.

He apparently saw a kid running around with one in China and thought our kids would love them. And they did. No wind necessary, just run around and up you go.

However, what I couldn't have expected him to realize was that this toy is only ideal for sibling-less Chinese children. Throw another child into the mix, and it's just a mess. Took about 5 minutes for the two kites to become hopelessly entangled with each other. But not before James tripped over the curb while running with Mr. P. Goat and re-skinned his already-skinned knee. (Any tips on how to keep the skin on a 2-year-old's knee during summer would be welcomed).

I managed to snap a couple of photos before the chaos and meltdowns.

I did a lot of yelling. Quite pleasant, really.

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Frances said...

Very funny, Rosie....Had a good giggle....