Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gym Dandies

For the past few weeks on Tuesdays, the kids have had class at Southwest Community Center. Daphne does baseball on one half of the gym, and I'm with James on the other half of the gym doing a little tumbling class called "Gym Dandies." I chose the classes because they were cheap, simultaneous, and followed directly by a session of indoor park. And I liked the name Gym Dandies. So I call the whole thing Gym Dandies for short.
This is pretty much the first class I've ever signed James up for - usually he gets dragged to whatever Daphne's doing. He's enjoying it.

Daphne turned out to be the only girl in the baseball class. She holds her own, for sure. Not surprisingly, really...she's never been exactly shy and retiring. The kids love to go dive after any ball, and Daphne's right there with them--whether they're on offense or defense. Mostly when they're on offense. But who can blame them.

Action sequence!


Then the divider between halves gets rolled up, as James looks on...

Indoor Park! Can you spot them?

Bonus track: Daphne at bat

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Frances said...

Oh, my goodness - this is so much fun!