Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daphne turns 4!

Party #1 - 3rd Annual Playgroup Birthday Party. Last year's post will explain. Oh, what a lazy blogger I've become.

Party #2 - We had our home-school preschool group stay afterward for Daphne's first official "little friend" party.

Party #3 - Today, on her real birthday, we went out for dinner with both sets of grandparents and Aunt Julie, and then walked over to the mall so Daphne could Build-A-Bear. She built a Kitty. James ran in (justifiable) terror from the animal-stuffing machines. I committed the cardinal parenting sin of forgetting to charge the camera batteries. :(

Happy Birthday, Daphne! You're one special little gal. P.S. You may only have 1 party next year. Whew!

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