Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to the Pumpkin...carnival?

The kids and I were at a local "farm" today (which shall remain nameless), and frankly I was a bit disappointed at how it's turned into basically a rip-off carnival with a few animals. The pumpkins are completely an afterthought, and most are either way too gigantic for a normal sized person to lift or very tiny. What happened to the days of just going out to a big field and picking out the perfect pumpkin, maybe a train or hay ride here or there... I probably just had a bad attitude (Pete's been gone all week and I'm bit drained), but I think I'm just ready for something simpler. There's almost so much going on that it's more easy to get bored, if that makes any sense. Like a pumpkin video game, maybe?

At any rate, on with the photos!

That's Daphne on the slide!

James' little friend, Benjamin L.


annie said...

Hi Rosie, I agree with you! We also visited that same pumpkin patch and felt the same way. It felt so overstimulating - and so costly!! Our fam was disapointed and after visiting the Sauvie Isl. one, our group will probably go there next year. I'm all for the old fashioned, simple fun. Cute pictures!
Hope you are doing well!

Mr. Holman said...

I like Daphne's rain boots. The new thing in the city are rain boots with heals. I'll let you know when these boots will come out for kids. Only a matter of time.